We are very proud of our lovely town Strathaven, which is pronounced ‘stray-ven’, here in the heart of the Avon Valley.  Check out our list of top 10 ten things to do in and around Strathaven.

  1. Hot air balloon festival

This takes place in August and is an international hot air ballooning extravaganza you don’t want to miss.  This annual hot air ballooning event is the only one of its kind in Scotland, which takes in the stunning sight of hot air balloons launching and flying.  There is also a fun fair, stalls, classic vehicles and other evening events.  This is definitely a top thing to do in Strathaven if you are visiting in August.

  1. Strathaven Park

This hidden gem of a park is a great thing to do in Strathaven. There is plenty of green space and a relaxing and pretty burn running through the park.  There is a mini train ride, and a little pond where the kids can take out little power boats and canoes.

  1. Strathaven Airfield

Fancy a few hours hovercrafting? Check out the training course where you can get a hang of the basics, before taking to the sky. Driving/piloting/controlling a hovercraft will ensure you never forget your Strathaven experience. If you like adventure, then this is the ultimate thing to do in Strathaven. If you prefer to stay on the ground, why not take a picnic and sit and watch the hovercrafts taking off and landing.

  1. Strathaven Bar and Restaurant

We may be a little biased but our very own Bar and Restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Our menus have been created with the finest local ingredients and all dishes are freshly prepared in house. We also have a delicious cocktail and wine list.  The perfect way to indulge and unwind, in stylish yet comfortable setting.

  1. Strathaven Castle

If history is your thing, then Strathaven castle is a must.  There has been a fortress on the site of Strathaven Castle for centuries. The first recorded castle was built in the 13th century, which was a wooden structure and was replaced some 100 years later by the first stone castle. This is a lovely place to soak up some Scottish history.

  1. Vintage Violet

A great little shop with a fantastic selection of sweet treats and ice cream. Take some time out to indulge or why not pick up some local gifts for friends and family?

  1. X-Plode Paintball

The team at X-Plode paintball promise you a fun and active day out.  A great thing to do in Strathaven if you are up for a laugh and don’t mind getting messy.

  1. Strathaven, Sandford and Spectacle E’e falls

Who doesn’t love a waterfall? Not quite Niagara Falls, yet a short walk from the bustling market town of Strathaven, alongside Avon Water to a ruined mill you will find the Spectacle E’e (eye) waterfalls.

  1. East Kilbride Village Theatre

Not quite in Strathaven – but just a  short drive or train ride away, you can visit the East Kilbride village theatre.  With a bustling theatre bar, the Village Theatre is a great place to enjoy an evening’s entertainment. They host a varied programme of events all year which includes visits from professional theatre companies and musical acts. A great way to soak up some action around Strathaven.

  1. Garrion Bridge Garden and Antique Centre

A short drive away, this is a nice place to enjoy afternoon tea and relax.  The antiques department had some major refurbishment work carried out last year and the team have a lot of new additions.  Why not take your old treasure for an evaluation?  There is also a book shop, card shop and a selection of outdoor and indoor gardening furniture and plants.  If you are into gardening or antiques then this is a great thing to do around Strathaven.

We hope you have a great stay!